With its clear presentation of the essential concepts underlying building construction, Building Construction Standards for South Africa equips professionals and students in all areas of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) with valuable guidelines for a practical approach to any new materials or techniques they may encounter in building planning, design, and construction.



The Urban Primer for Africa provides a much-needed analysis of cities and settlements in Africa through a lexicon of the urban structures, features and characteristics of African cities. This publication forms part of a series of books entitled ‘Africa Drawn’ that intend to address the urban nature of African cities which have, until now, been poorly documented and are therefore poorly understood.

The ‘Africa Drawn’ series unpacks the historical development of African cities and provides insight into the positive and negative aspects of their urban development. Through an understanding of this evolution, we can develop appropriate principles and tools to guide the future design of African cities. many African cities were planned using western planning strategies. The intention of the Urban Design Primer for Africa is to provide insight into these undocumented territories of African cities before and after the colonial eras.

As the African continent sees itself becoming its own global power, its development is slow to incorporate the cultural qualities unique to Africa. This publication aims to investigate how we should design African cities while utilising principles and tools specific to the African context.