Conceptual Designs

A set of conceptual designs and work as part of a collective portfolio.



To design a “Forum of Excellence” a cultural expression, that celebrates individual and groups who have made significant contributions to benefit South African society and the environment.



The development of the exhibition centre is environmentally sensitive. The aim was to complement the contours of the koppies and its biodiversity.


The Heritage building of 1920 – Adaptive re-use

This collaborative project (urban +Architecture design) aims to highlight the existing spatial voids which exist within the Pretoria CBD. It aims to transform the city’s once-vibrant inner-city culture.


The Urban Forest- Megacities

Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. Surface treatment as a cement skin, compositionally innovative – to resemble a petrified urban forest- it is also an innovative concept of an osmotic organism, one that is in dialogue with the Environment.



The Library

The urban environment is continuously under pressure to give way to echo centric planning and design approaches, which contribute little to uphold the sound spatial framework, to make the city legible and pleasing to its city dwellers. The library or media centre connects and has become the central place for meaningful connection with outdoor spaces and sound streetscape design. It is a landmark. 


The Creative hub

The creative space act as a catalyst, linking the studio to the street and neighbourhood.